July 11, 2019
child smiling with teeth

What Steps Can You Take to Ensure Your Child Has Healthy Teeth?

Good dental hygiene starts as soon as your child has teeth and that can carry on into adulthood. There are a few steps you can take […]
June 19, 2019
A child with braces smiling

How Will I Know if my Child Will Need Braces?

As your child starts to get older, you may start to wonder if your child will need braces and how would you know if they do […]
June 11, 2019
A child holding baby teeth in their hand

Are Baby Teeth Really that Important to my Child?

When you have a newborn baby, there are so many things to think about. As a parent, you will worry about their feed schedule, sleeping schedule, […]
May 15, 2019
A child & Mom playing dentist so the child knows what to expect

5 Tips to Relieve Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Both parents and your child’s pediatric dentist play a major role in shaping your child’s first dental experience and their overall view of going to the […]
April 19, 2019
A child with a dental emergency and bleeding lip

What to do if Your Child has a Dental Emergency

No parent wants to see their child in any pain or discomfort, and knowing what to do in a dental emergency can help your child save […]
April 11, 2019
a child brushing her teeth with a fluoride toothpaste after coming in for a pediatric dental visit

Toothpaste Tips & 5 Fun Fluoride Facts For Kids

As a parent, you are always concerned with your child and want to make sure that they are as healthy as they can be. There are […]
March 18, 2019
A young boy eating an apple

5 Foods to Help Dental Health in Kids

There are a lot of ways to help your kid’s oral health and to help them get stronger and healthier teeth. Including brushing and flossing their […]
February 19, 2019
A baby sitting in the stroller with a pacifier

Are Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use Harmful for Children’s Teeth?

We have all heard about how if a child uses a pacifier or sucks their thumb for too long it can have irrevocable effects on their […]
February 11, 2019
A dentist feeling a little baby's gums

How To Help Your Newborn Through Teething

As soon as your baby’s first tooth starts to come in, the pain starts. Although they can feel the pain long before you can start to […]