There are many different types of dental insurance plans to choose from. Aside from choosing which insurance company to go with, or looking into what your business might provide for you and your family, it is also important to consider the different types of plans that exist. If you have ever wondered about what an HMO or PPO is, how they work, which one is better for you and your family, and what dentists take what insurance, we will cover all of that and more. If you have questions about seeing a dentist in the Greater Chicago area, or want to know more about dental options for your family, give us a call or visit our information on payment options

What Is The Difference Between HMO and PPO Dental Insurance?

HMO and PPO insurances plans exist for health insurance, dental insurance, and for other health benefits. 

  • HMO: HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. Generally the benefits of an HMO plan is less cost but the drawback is less choice. HMO plans are designed to provide the maximum economic benefit but coverage usually only works when someone goes to a dental office or doctor’s office that is in network. You tend to pay less per month and get more coverage, assuming you are able to go to a provider in-network. 
  • PPO: Preffered Provider Organizations allow for much more flexibility. In exchange for higher monthly premiums, you have more choices in where you go. In many cases, you can get coverage even if you are out-of-network (albeit sometimes less coverage than what you would get in-network). That said, out-of-pocket costs might also be higher for a PPO plan user. 

PPO vs HMO Dental Insurance: Which Should I Use?

Choosing an insurance plan is often a difficult decision with many different aspects that need to be considered. Aside from considering which company to go with you should also consider what might be available to you through your job. That said, PPO plans are often picked by individuals who are looking for greater flexibility. One of the larger struggles for an HMO is finding a local provider that is in-network, worse still, if you don’t like that provider you might not have a lot of other options in the area. With a PPO plan you might have to pay more for procedures and premiums in comparison but you also have the freedom to choose the right doctor and dentist for you and your family. 

One thing to consider is where you live relative to your employer. If you virtually commute to your job the available HMO plan might not provide you any local providers. Many businesses offer HMO plans that are are effective for the regions they are located in. If that is the case, you might want to go with a PPO plan so you can find providers closer to where you live.

How Do I Find A Dentist That Takes My Insurance

If you need to find a dentist in a new city or town, consider these tips. Many dentists will tell you what insurance plans they take on their website or can go over payment options with you on the phone. Alternatively if your insurance through is your office, you should consider asking your coworkers where they go. Word of mouth is a great way to find a dentist that takes your insurance and is recommended by people you know.

Family Dentist in Chicago

If you need to see a family dentist in the Chicago area, give us a call or click below to schedule an appointment. It is always recommended that you see a dentist about any questions you have regarding your child’s oral health. 

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What Is The Difference Between HMO & PPO Dental Insurance

There are many different types of dental insurance plans to choose from. Aside from choosing which insurance company to go with, or looking into what your […]
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