Why Do Kids’ Adult Teeth Not Come-In?

A common concern for parents is that their child is not developing at the pace that maybe other kids are or a parenting book predicts. When it comes to dentistry, the shedding and replacement of teeth is one of the most notable milestones for kids. Parents frequently worry when their kids appear to be behind on dental development. It is important to note that kids frequently fluctuate when it comes to development. And while sometimes development can be delayed due to things like diet or environment, sometimes development is delayed purely because of genetics or an uncontrollable factor. It is important to be patient and calm as parents and to know when to seek dental advice from a kids’ dentist. 

Make Sure your Child Is Seeing A Dentist Twice a Year

First and foremost, the best way to both promote oral health, track dental development, and prevent issues is with regular dental visits twice per year. A dentist can let you know if your child is behind and whether or not that is a cause for concern. If you are going to the dentist twice per year with your kids you likely won’t need to worry about whether or not you need to seek out a dentist for your child. Your dentist can provide x-rays and exams for tracking dental health and development as well as provide cleanings and preventative care to remove any of the obstacles that might delay development. 

Is It Normal For An 8 Year Old To Not Have Any Adult Teeth Yet?

Around ages four to eight, children start to loose their baby teeth and gain their permanent teeth. Because of this timeline many parents worry when their kids have not begun to show signs of losing or gaining new teeth around ages seven, eight and nine. While it is expected that kids will loose their teeth around four to eight, it is not abnormal for kids to be delayed. Delays aren’t a sign of large issues either. However, if your child hasn’t lost teeth or they have lost teeth but new teeth aren’t coming up, you should consider seeing a family dentist just to be sure. 

Reasons An Adult Tooth Might Be Delayed

Crowding: If there isn’t room for an adult tooth to come-in it might be stuck until the surrounding baby teeth fall out naturally. Adult teeth tend to be larger than baby teeth so sometimes a tooth cannot erupt until both the tooth being replaced and the surrounding teeth have fallen out. 

Missing Teeth: It is sometimes possible that an adult tooth is completely missing. While rare, hypodontia is a condition where someone is born without all of their teeth. Hypodontia is genetic and can be passed from parent to children. 

Shark Teeth: If you notice that adult teeth are coming in but they are coming in behind the baby teeth this is often referred to as “shark teeth” by parents and some dentists. This isn’t necessarily cause for concern. Your dentist might recommend extraction of the baby teeth to help the adult teeth. This happens when adult teeth erupt before the baby teeth fall out. 

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