When Is A Toothache A Dental Emergency?

Toothaches can be a serious dental concern. There are many different types of toothaches and toothaches can often be a sign of an underlying dental issue like gum disease, dental decay, an oral injury, or an infection. Unfortunately, it is hard to diagnose the cause of a dental toothache on your own. If your tooth is throbbing or the pain comes and goes, you should still make a dental appointment. No matter what, seeing a dentist sooner rather than later is the best choice when it comes to toothaches. Almost any dental issue will worsen over time so getting preventative or restorative care today can prevent worse problems in the future. The real question is whether you need to make an appointment in the next few days-weeks or if you need to see a dentist right way. For dental services in Chicago, our offices help patients get the treatments they need. 

3d model of a cracked tooth

What Causes Dental Toothaches?

Toothaches are a broad symptom. Toothaches can be defined as any oral sensitivity, pain, or discomfort. They can be throbbing, severe, temporary, or only felt when you eat hot/cold foods or put pressure on the tooth. Because the category of symptoms is so broad so are the causes. Toothaches can be caused from an injury like getting hit in the head or face. They can be caused by dental decay that causes cavities or spreads into the the tooth roots. They can also be caused by infections known as abscesses. The simple truth is that the best way to know what is causing the toothache is to get an exam. Dental X-rays can help show what is going on inside and beneath the tooth, and a visual exam can also help find cavities or other potential causes that are leading to the toothache. 

Do I Need To See A Same-Day Dentist About A Toothache?

If you have a toothache or any oral concern you are better off seeing a dentist sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until your next six month check-in. But you might have a choice between seeing a dentist today and seeing a dentist later this week. There are a few symptoms that can help you make that decision. First and foremost, if the toothache is making it difficult to eat, talk, or chew, you should see a dentist as soon as you can. If there are other issues like a loose filling or issues with a crown or dental bridge, you will want to see a dentist right away. If the toothache is accompanied by other symptoms like a foul taste in your mouth, pus, fever, or bleeding gums, you should try and see a dentist quickly so they can help identify if there is an infection. 

Schedule Routine Dental Appointments in Chicago

The best way to protect your oral health is to see a dentist routinely. If you live in the Chicago area and need to see a dentist either to handle a specific dental issue or for your overall dental health, please give us a call.