What Causes Cold Sensitivity In Teeth?

It’s summer, which means that your kids are probably enjoying ice-cold lemonade, popsicles, and other frozen treats. And as tasty as they all are often, kids and adults can complain about a sharp pain in their teeth due to cold sensitivity. But what causes this sensitivity, how can it be prevented, and can it be treated.

teeth sensitive to cold

Causes of Cold Sensitivity in Teeth

Cold sensitivity is an uncomfortable sensation that is often caused by enamel erosion or when gums recede. Every tooth has nerves that can cause pain or discomfort when hit. These nerve endings are often protected by the outside of the tooth including the enamel. However, if the gums recede too far or the enamel of a tooth is damaged you may feel pain when drinking cold beverages or eating hot foods. It is important to note that enamel cannot be restored, so it is important that kids and adults protect their enamel.

How To Prevent Enamel Damage & Receding Gums

To prevent cold sensitivity or sensitivity to hot foods, you need to prevent damage to your tooth enamel. There are two sides to preventing damage. First, you need to avoid certain foods and beverages. When we consume things with high acidity or sugar, it can cause enamel deterioration. Avoid sodas, fruit juices, and other foods that are high in sugar like candy to prevent damage to your enamel. Additionally, good oral habits can protect your teeth. Brushing twice a day and using mouth wash can limit damage to your teeth. Although brushing correctly is just as important as brushing regularly. Make sure to brush for a full two minutes, replace your toothbrush often, and do not eat food after brushing at night. Receding gum lines are often caused by gum disease. Flossing daily can prevent gum disease.

How To Treat Sensitive Teeth

If you or your child already have sensitive teeth there are still a few things you can do. Try using a toothpaste that is designed to benefit sensitive teeth and protect enamel. Avoid eating or drinking foods and beverages that have high acidity and sugar content. Being more gentle when brushing your teeth can also help prevent sensitive teeth. Lastly, schedule a dental appointment with a local dentist and discuss tooth sensitivity. Your dentist can give you helpful advice and guidance on how best to prevent damage to your teeth.

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