When we were all children we might have gotten excited as soon as tooth began to wiggle. A lost tooth meant getting older and a visit from the tooth fairy. As adults, any wiggling near a tooth might be an immediate cause for concern. Because we don’t have a third set of teeth to replace our adult teeth it is important to notice when there are signs of issues, know what is reversible, and know when to make a quick dental visit. For adults in Chicago if you need to see a dentist, please contact one of our offices. 

What Causes A Permanent Tooth To Become Loose?

There are a few reasons that an adult tooth couldn’t suddenly start shifting. Some of the obvious reasons are physical damage. An accident or an injury to the mouth while playing a sport are common reasons a tooth is damaged, knocked out, or loose. Another common reason is dental decay. Gum disease is one of  the most frequent causes for a tooth to fall out early. Additionally, people who clench their jaw or grind their teeth can also experience loose adult tooth due to the damage the pressure does to the tooth.

Is It Possible To Reverse A Loose Adult Tooth?

Reversing a wiggling adult tooth can be done depending on the cause of the issue. For example, addressing concerns with dental decay or gum disease can help prevent tooth loss. Additionally, if the tooth is harmed from pressure, wearing a grind guard (especially at night) can help prevent extra pressure from hurting the tooth. Over time the support system for the tooth like the gums and tooth root can heal. However, if issues aren’t addressed the tooth will likely wiggle more and more until it falls out. 

How Should You Replace An Adult Tooth?

A common solution for a missing adult tooth is a dental bridge. A dental bridge both fixes the aesthetic of your smile while also preventing teeth from shifting in your mouth leading to issues with bite alignment. By placing a false tooth in the gap left behind by the adult tooth and attaching the the false tooth to the surrounding teeth, your smile is restored both visually and structurally. 

Restorative Dental Services in Chicago

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