Do Dental Infections Cause Fevers?

A tooth infection is a serious dental issue. Not only do toothaches impact your oral health, but they can also impact your overall physical health. Tooth infections can spread throughout your body and cause many of the same symptoms that other infections cause including fatigue, fever, and similar issues. That is why it is important to understand how to prevent tooth infections, early warning signs of tooth infections, and when to see a dentist about dental issues. Moreover, routine dental exams are imperative to preventing toothaches, tooth infections, and other health concerns. If you live in the Chicago area and need to see a dentist routinely, please contact our team to learn more about our five dental offices in Chicago. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about dental symptoms related to tooth infections. 

What Are The symptoms of a Tooth Infection?

Tooth infections can bring about many different types of symptoms. Some symptoms are related to general infections like fevers, swollen lymph nodes (especially around the neck area), and fatigue. As your body fights a bacterial infection these are all common symptoms. However, some symptoms to look out for are symptoms that are localized to the mouth. Throbbing tooth pain or pain around the ear, neck, or jawbone are all common signs of a tooth infection. Pain can also increase when you lie down or when you put pressure on your teeth when chewing. Similarly, it is common to have severe sensitivity to hot and cold foods because of a dental infection. Other signs to look out for are swelling around the cheeks, bad breath, or unpleasant tastes in the mouth. These can also be signs that there is a bacterial infection in your mouth. 

Other Bodily Symptoms Related to A Tooth infection

Dental infections can spread throughout the body. As we mentioned above, fever can be a common symptom of a dental infection. As the infection spreads there are other symptoms to be wary of. Dehydration is a common sign of infection as well as a rapid pulse or lightheadedness. Alongside a fever you might notice sweating or chills as part of an infection. General feelings of being unwell are also associated with infection this can include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and similar symptoms.

How To Handle Dental infections

If you have concerns about toothaches, tooth infections, or other infections in your mouth ,you should see a dentist. A dental visit can help daignose and treat signs of dental infections as well as issues with your gum health or abscessed teeth. And of course the best way to prevent dental issues in the first place is with regular preventative care from a dentist. 

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