August 13, 2020

What To Do If You Loose A Filling

Dental fillings are necessary to prevent tooth decay. When a tooth starts to decay a dentist uses a drill to remove the decaying infected part of […]
June 11, 2020
kids eating ice cream during the summer

Summer Dental Tips for Kids & Families

Summertime is full of fun, especially for families. Vacations and breaks from school and work can all be a great way to spend your summer, but […]
May 15, 2020

6 Ways To Make Brushing & Flossing More Fun For Kids

Getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge. Getting them to brush consistently can be even harder. But, when it comes down to […]
April 22, 2020
root canal

What You Should Know About A Root Canal Procedure?

There are a few words that no one wants to hear when in a dentist’s chair. On the top of that list is: you need a […]
April 16, 2020
gingivitis example

Frequently Asked Questions about Gingivitis

Gum disease is an extremely common problem in America. It is one of the most common causes of tooth loss for adults, and can greatly affect […]
March 13, 2020
All Star Dental logo

COVID19 Announcement – 3/13/2020

Dear Patients and Families of All Star Dental Clinic, There is no higher priority for us than the health and safety of our patients, staff, and […]
September 22, 2019
A dental x-ray

5 Possible Reasons Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Aren’t Coming In

When your child gets to the age that they start losing their baby teeth, there can be many questions about the process. One of the most […]
August 26, 2019
A child at the dentist

Surprising Oral Health Facts About Children

For young parents, there seems to be an endless stream of information to learn about your child. That is especially true when it comes to healthcare. […]
August 19, 2019
New Toothbrushes

How Often Should Kids Change Their Toothbrush?

Replacing your child’s toothbrush is just as important as establishing good healthy patterns for oral care. It is very important that your kids brush and floss […]