Chicago Dentist That Takes CareCredit

At All Star Dental in Chicago we want to make sure that patients have options to take care of their teeth. One of the top reasons adults don’t make medical appointments is because of concerns about the cost or what their dental insurance will or will not cover.

That is why we proudly work with CareCredit to help patients who either do not have dental insurance, or whose dental insurance does not cover the specific procedures that they need. If you have questions about dental insurance or financing, please contact our office. 

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What is CareCredit Dental Financing?

Not everyone has dental insurance. In fact many people that have dental insurance still have problems paying for specific dental procedures. One common reason people do not get dental procedures done or other medical procedures for that matter, is because of anxiety linked to paying for the procedures. That is where CareCredit comes in. CareCredit is a financing solution that can help patients get the money they need for procedures at thousands of medical offices across the country. 

How Does CareCredit Work?

CareCredit works like any other loan system. Patients need to apply for CareCredit in order to get their card that they can use at one of the many locations that accepts CareCredit like All Star Dental. Patients can then use their card to pay for procedures and pay it off over time. As long as minimum payments are met, CareCredit can provide no interest loans for medical and dental procedures. 

How Do You Pay For Dental Services Insurance Doesn't Cover?

One of the common issues a lot of people have with their dental insurance is that sometimes coverage is either partial or nonexistent for certain procedures. For example cosmetic procedures like braces or restorative procedures like dentures, bridges, or implants, can be prohibitively expensive if insurance won’t cover them. That is why CareCredit can help. By offering financing options, you can get expensive procedures that aren’t covered. 

Family Dental Offices in Chicago

Our dental offices in Chicago provide preventative and restorative dental services. For children and parents, we can help with routine dental services including cleanings, exams, sealants, and x-rays.

In the event that you need restorative dental services, we can also help. We provide tooth extraction, gum disease treatments, dental fillings, crowns, and more. 

Here at All Star Dental we believe that the key to providing great dental services is helping educate as well as providing a safe non-judgemental dental experience. 

Dental Insurances We Take At Our Blue Island Office: