Chicago Dental Offices That Takes Allied Dental Insurance

At our dental offices in Chicago, it is extremely important to us that everyone has access to dental services. This is why we offer many different payment options including taking many different PPO insurances. This includes Allied Dental Insurance. If you have this insurance or you are unsure about paying for any dental treatments, please give us a call. We would be happy to look up your plan and answer questions about coverage as well as discuss other payment options including CareCredit Financing. We always want to make sure that people can get access to necessary dental procedures.

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What Does Allied Dental Insurance Cover

Like many insurance programs, Allied provides different plans for different situations. Your coverage is often optimized for exactly what you need for you and your spouse and/or children. The best thing to do with any insurance plan is check your own plan details or get in contact with either your insurance company or a dentist that takes your insurance to get specific answers to exactly what is covered under your plan. But generally speaking, Allied operates like many other common dental insurance plans. When you visit a dentist that takes Allied Dental insurance, you will likely have coverage for medically necessary treatments; including preventative care, minor procedures, and major procedures. 

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

As stated above, your plan will likely provide coverage that varies based on the type of procedure. Preventative care is often the most covered and is sometimes fully covered. Preventative care includes your routine twice a year treatments. This means x-rays, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, cleanings, and exams. Minor procedures like dental fillings will likely be covered differently. And major services like dental bridges or dentures will also have different coverage. Your coverage may include co-pays and/or deductibles. Deductibles are an amount that you need to spend before your coverage begins working. Co-pays are an amount or percentage that you will need to pay out of pocket for specific treatments and procedures. For example, a dental plan might cover 50% of a dental bridge procedure, the patient would be expected to pay the other half. 

What Other Payment Options Are There?

There are many cases where a patient might be concerned about not having dental insurance, having dental insurance that doesn’t cover a specific procedure, or not being able to pay the deductible or co-pay upfront for a dental procedure. Again, we never want patients to feel like they should avoid getting medically necessary treatments like a root canal or a dental bridge because of coverage. That is why we provide other payment methods including Care Credit financing. Through Care Credit, you can set up payment plans to pay large medical expenses over time. 

Family Dental Offices in Chicago That Take Allied Dental Insurance

If you use Allied Dental insurance or another common dental insurance that we take, we would be happy to set up an appointment with you or one of your family members. Whether you need a regular cleaning and exam to make sure your teeth are healthy and protected, or you are looking to set up an appointment to address a dental crown, bridge, or other dental issue, we can help.

We work with patients of all ages at our locations throughout Chicago. Please give us a call for more information about our dental services. 

Dental Insurances We Take At Our Blue Island Office: