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All Star Dental is proud to serve families throughout the Chicago area. With our five separate offices located in Chicago, we are here for you and your family. Whether you are looking to get your kids in for a quick dental exam and professional cleaning, or you have a dental emergency that needs to be handled right away, we can help. To schedule an appointment, use our NexHealth app below or give us a call, and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

Family Dental Services In Chicago:

Make A Dental Appointment For Any Age At Our Chicago Offices

Here at All Star Dental in Chicago it is our goal to make sure patients of every age have a positive experience at the dentist. We work with patients of all ages at our five offices on everything from basic cleanings & exams to helping solve dental issues. As dentists, we understand that going to a medical appointment can bring some anxiety or even fear for children. That is why we work hard to ensure your children have a comfortable environment to receive dental care. On top of providing great dental services, we believe it is the role of every dentist to help breakdown those anxieties, promote healthy habits, and make it easier for patients of all ages to smile confidently. Some of the ways we achieve this are: 

  • Parents Can Stay With Their Kids: We welcome parents into the treatment and exam rooms. For some kids, having their parents with them is the extra step of comfort they need to feel secure. 
  • Play Areas For Kids: At all five of our offices, we have areas where kids can play before their appointment. For many patients, the anticipation before an appointment can be one of the most stressful times. By providing an area for kids to relax and play, they can transition into their appointment more smoothly. 
  • Caring Staff: Most importantly, our staff loves working with patients of all ages! Our team is patient and works with your kids to help them overcome any fear/anxiety they might have during their visit. 

Dental Insurance & CareCredit Financing Options

One of the most common reasons adults cite as a reason they don’t go to the dentist is fear regarding costs. While routine cleanings and exams are often fully covered by dental insurance, many restorative procedures can be expensive. We never want cost to be the reason someone is putting up with a dental issue or not getting the oral care they need. Dental issues get worse over time and often infect nearby teeth and gums. Seeing a dentist can be the difference between a simple filling and tooth loss. We take many major insurances and also provide financing options via CareCredit for patients who don’t have insurance or don’t have the coverage they need. Give us a call or click below for more information. 

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Each dental exam will asses your oral health and provide you with a thorough cleaning for an even better smile!


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Gum Disease Treatment

When gum disease occurs, we work tirelessly alongside our patients to fight it.

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